Bruxell'A Cappella

Chamber Choir of Brussels

Bruxell’A Cappella is a small, international, mixed-voice chamber choir based in Brussels. It was originally founded as The Vocal Consort of Brussels in 2005. Ever since its conception, the choir has interpreted music from a wide variety of eras and places, under the direction of different international conductors such as Louise Deal from the USA and Penni Clarke from Canada. Under their leadership, contemporary music always formed an important part of the choir's repertoire.


Since he took over the baton from Penni Clarke in September 2014, Michiel Haspeslagh has helped the choir towards a more in-depth interpretation of older music traditions from the renaissance and the baroque periods (Madrigals in 2015, Belgica in 2016), while continuing to explore the choir's love of contemporary compositions (Sacred Voices in 2015).